Our Services

We help businesses optimize their strategic communications for growth and success in today’s customer-driven digital economy through five core services:


Focus & Amplify

Determine the CEO’s core strategic message and then create processes and metrics to amplify that core message from all across the company. Otherwise, your customers and prospects never get the chance to understand why you should get their business.


Audit & Measure

Assess current messaging and communications practices, and identify what has to change to align with CEO’s core message. Otherwise, your company will continue creating and deploying fragmented and ineffective—and ultimately harmful—branding messages.


Optimize & Execute

Refine the CEO’s core message and how it’s communicated across the company and across the world with data-driven metrics providing direction. Otherwise, your company will quickly fall back to what it knows: siloed, product-specific positioning that requires the customer to work too hard at figuring out why he/she should care.


Optimize the Talent

Evaluate people, skills, and capabilities across your Corporate Communications and/or Marketing teams, and realign for optimal execution and impact. Otherwise, your high-potential communications and marketing people will leave because they’re not getting the chance to do great work, and your strategic initiative will be delayed.


Create & Amplify

Showcase the CEO and his/her core message by creating an integrated portfolio of messaging opportunities: on-stage interviews at events, socially driven video clips,thought-leadership blogs, conversations with key customers, and more. Otherwise, no matter how great the core message, it will lack the full credibility and star power of the CEO.

In Today’s Digital Economy, Your Brand Must Amplify Your Customers’ Priorities

Real-World Expertise & Experience

In 2012, when Oracle founder Larry Ellison could have hired anyone in the world to transform Oracle’s corporate communications, he picked Bob Evans. Bob was soon named Oracle’s first Chief Communications Officer.

In 2011, when SAP CEO Bill McDermott wanted to enhance SAP’s customer-centric storytelling and content, he picked Bob Evans to be SAP’s VP of Strategic Communications.

In his 20+-year editorial career, Bob wrote thousands of analytical columns about global business and the tech industry, interviewed hundreds of CEOs around the globe, and drove major media brands to unquestioned market leadership.

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